Can we discuss the Kevin Clash scandal real quick? This is all so crazy to me because about 6 months ago I randomly watched the documentary about Kevin Clash on netflix titled – Being Elmo.  I found his story very interesting. As a kid and then even as a teenager he had a fascination with puppets. His passion for the industry was so strong that he was lucky enough to turn his hobby into a very successful career.

And then now to hear that he is a gay man (in the documentary they didn’t discuss this. He was actually married with a kid) who has all these men coming forward saying there were in a relationship with him when they were underage is just mind boggling. It’s actually really really sad. Kevin Clash should have left Sesame Street with a great legacy. He loved being a puppeteer and brought the character of Elmo into so many children’s lives. And now his name is forever tainted with this scandal. I don’t know if it’s all true or just some random losers trying to gain fame, but either way it’s very unfortunate. We will never look at Elmo the same way again. You can read more deets about the scandal HERE.


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