Yes..that is Amanda Bynes working out at the gym. Not normal right? What would go through someone’s head to act like that? Lots and lots of drugs?? I dont know…

So I’m going to say it… I’m very skeptical of this whole Amanda Bynes meltdown fiasco. A part of me really believes that this is all some joke on America and she is acting like this for some upcoming movie roll. Remember how Joaquin Phonex pretended to be a rapper or whatever for awhile and we were all like “what the heck is wrong with him?”, then we later found out it was for some documentary/movie and he was just “acting”. Ya… I believe Amanda is doing the same thing. 

I would love it if Amanda Bynes went on the Tonight Show and was like “heeeeeey everyone. It’s all a big fat joke. I’ve been acting like a crazy girl for this upcoming movie titled ‘How a D-List Actress Can Go From No Career to A-List Status By Just Acting Nutso’ It’ll be out this Summer! Ya’ll were fooled!!" 

OR it could even be called "The Lindsay Lohan Project”. Man I’m a genius. Britney Spears’ meltdown was believable and justified. Amanda Bynes’ meltdown is not. And I hate when people compare her to Britney. Like “oh my gosh it’s totally Britney 2.0!!” Um, how about no? People don’t care enough about Amanda for it to even come close to how epic Britney’s meltdown was. So please dont put them in the same category. 

Rant over. And if it turns out that Amanda is really on crazy drugs and all these actions are real and true…then I’ll eat my words.


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