As some of you may or may not know, I am on the free dating app called Tinder.

I’ve been on one date from this app and I am talking to another boy from it still who lives in San Diego. It’s been over a month now, we’ve never met, but we’re still in contact. I swear we’ll meet one day…

But this story is not about date #1 or San Diego boy. This blog is about some fool named Nicolas. We began chatting on Tinder two days ago and yesterday afternoon he asked me if I’d be interested in going wine tasting with him next week. I agreed and we had a date planned for next Tuesday.

Side note- as some of you also may know, I have been on this hard core diet for the past week in a half. No drinking AT ALL. But luckily the date was set for next week and next week is when I planned on going back to real life.

Anywhoo- last night I got this text from him- (see pic above)

I didn’t want to tell the guy that I’m doing this crazy 2 week diet and can’t see him until next week, so I went with the 3 day cleanse. I mean, it’s LA. EVERYONE is doing 3 day cleanses these days. Well apparently my 3-day cleanse story freaked him the f*ck out because he never wrote me back! It’s been like 14 hours. Sooooo that’s fun. hahaha

Who knew a 3 day cleanse could be so offensive? I dont know why I just didn’t tell him I had plans Thursday night like a normal person. Gah!

UPDATE** This guy actually did end up texting me later this day. He told me he didn’t think I was weird for doing a cleanse and apologized for the delayed response. We actually went on a date last night. And though it was a good date…he’s honestly not my type. And I have no interest in following up for a second date.


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