Could you imagine if Britney could still dance as well as she could back in the Slave 4 U days and she could actually teach Miley the choreography? That’d be an epic video.


Thank you Susan for showing me this hilarious blog post. No wonder it went viral back in the day. Hilarious!

Diet Friday

So I’ve officially discovered how I gained 15lbs since I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago. Yes…I know..most people move to LA and lose weight…I did the opposite.

I’m only on day 4 of my 800 calories a day HCG drops diet but I can see clearly now how I would eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING without even second guessing. Also I work in an office. And anyone who works in an office knows there is always some kind of bad food swarming around the kitchen calling your name. Just today alone, my office ordered pizza for everyone and then around 3 o’clock we had a brownies and ice cream party. I can’t even tell you how weird it felt to not partake in any of it! Because I am never THAT girl. I eat it all and sometimes even go for seconds. So of course now that I’m avoiding basically everything but protein and veggies, I realize how often I would just eat it all! lol

It’s mind boggling I tell you!! It definitely shows me that I need to have more self control in the future and start making healthier choices.

The official movie trailer for the Steve Jobs movie, ‘Jobs’ is here!!! Check it out! Doens’t look half bad but it also doesnt have me running to the theaters.


‘Jobs’ Theatrical Trailer



What are your thoughts on video being on Instagram?




I never post food pics but damn



Throwback Thursday! Feeling very Ooh La La in this pic for The Onyx Hotel Tour 😉





2007 “Was The Britney Rush, And Everyone Was Hoping It Would Never End.”

The year was 2007 and as onlookers were buying every new magazine filled with out of control Britney while simultaneously clicking away at the internet, the paparazzi were making more money on Britney than anyone would ever dream. Anonymous “ex-paparazzi” tells Gawker, Britney was like a their human ATM.

“One shot of Britney slowly spiraling into insanity, one video of her shaving her head, or, the just one clip of her going fucking umbrella-attack crazy, could be your mortgage payment for the next year or a new car.”

The ex-pap reminds us of the dot com rush in the stock market and says this was the same, this was the Britney rush, and everyone was hoping it would never end. It was a game for us, a game we all played, but it had one unique twist, it was a game where everyone could win, because there was so much money being tossed around, everyone was getting rich.”

He describes what he saw just six months after Britney was committed to a hospital. “a dozen paps were driving around in new BMWs, Jaguars, and a ton of SUVs,”. He admits the money felt “illegal because nothing that paid this much could be so fun.”

At one point, he shares more about Britney than is probably necessary. He talks about the time when Britney was dating Adnan and one night in particular when fellow pap, Bam Bam, took the shot worth millions, or so I’d assume. 

“Adnan was a pap, too, he’d always show us some of the photos he’d take of Brit when they were hooking up, like close up shots of her pussy. So Bam Bam’s there and he gets her and Adnan holding hands, coming out of that bathroom, looking like they’d just fucked. Since he was there alone, he made more money on that shot then most people do their whole life, and that was a Monday night, not a bad way to start his week.”

The pap justifies his career simply. We’re here because you want us here, trust me, no one grows up wanting to take your trash away for a living, but somebody’s got to do it. And somebody has got to get pictures for next week’s Us or In Style that you are going to buy.

Good post Brendan! Very interesting. The last quote is legit.


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