Diet Update! 10 Days Until the Big Day!

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!!! Well in exactly one week from today I will be on a plane to Hawaii for my bff’s wedding!!!

The time has finally come!!! I went to get my dress altered today and thankfully…it zipped all the way!!! Hoorayyyyy! Last time I tried on my bridesmaid dress it was about an inch away from clasping. So THAT is very exciting! And the very first time I tried it on…it wouldn’t even zip half way. haha
I officially fit in my dress I bought 2 sizes too small in hopes of losing weight. haha The only problem is…I can barely breathe in it. I have exactly 10 days until the actual wedding day and in those 10 days I need to lose at least another 2 pounds to feel comfortable on that day!

Why do I do this to myself????? Fail fail.

I’m proud that I’ve lost 7lbs. And that at least my dress does zip up. haha I’m just bummed I have to be stressed out about it the whole time I’m in Hawaii.

I’m just going to continue to eat clean, eat very little, and get workouts in on the beach.

Diet Update

Ommmmmgggg. Is this wedding ever going to get here?? I feel like I’ve been trying to lose weight for like, ever!

haha Luckily I’m down 8.5lbs. And I’ve got 2 weeks to go!!! Praying for another 5lbs but not sure if that’s possible. We shall see!!

I’m doing no carbs, no fruit, no dairy. Only protein and veggies.

Sooooo much fun.

Weight Loss Update

I’m sure you’re all DYING to know how my weight loss journey is going…

WELL! I officially started February 4th… and I am currently down 4lbs. Well actually 6lbs if you count when I was my absolute HEAVIEST. But in my “Lose It” iphone app I started with a weight that technically shows me at 4 pounds down.

4lbs is not that much…I know. But I FEEL so much lighter, less bloated, not sluggish… I’m feeling really great. So maybe we should say it’s 6lbs…

haha Anyway… I haven’t been out drinking in over a month. I had ONE cheat weekend…all I did was go out one night and drink, then went out on Sunday and drank…and bam…I almost gained it all back. lol FML. I guess you could say I’m really just losing water weight right now? I don’t freaking know…

But good news is…I’m back down 4lbs (6lbs?) and feeling good. This just shows you HOW FREAKING HARD it is to lose weight the right away. I haven’t been drinking, I only eat healthy food, and I workout at least 3 times a week. 3 times in a bad week, 5 times in a good week. And I’m losing the weight soooo slowlyyyyyyy.

But whatever…I’m not going to give up. And I’m just going to continue with the healthy eating, and working out on a regular basis and just wait for the weight to fall off.

I have to go to Vegas next weekend for the Bachelorette party and THAT is going to suck balls. I feel like my tummy is flatter but I’m not “pool party” body ready.

And I still have exactly ONE month until my friend’s wedding in Hawaii. Hawaii I know I can accomplish my goals and be down a few more pounds by then.

Keep you posted! 🙂

Week 1

Well…well….it’s officially been a week since I first posted about the new year and how I wanted to get on track and lose weight. This first week has been a HUGE success. I’ve gone to the gym almost every day. I think I only missed a day or two. And I’m already down 4 lbs!

I know this is a lot for a week…and it won’t be this great EVERY week. But just taking a week off from drinking and eating poorly has completely de-bloated me. I feel better already. 

I’ve been cooking all my meals, doing 30-40 mins of cardio a day, and haven’t eaten ANY junk food. I’m excited to keep ya’ll posted. Because talking about it here keeps me motivated. And I hope I can continue to receive better results.

Week 1 Of My Workout/Becoming Healthier Goal

Well! It wasn’t a total fail. I had a total of 4 workouts last week. 3 gym visits then on Saturday I did a pop physique class. My body is SO freaking sore from that class. I seriously love it. Doing another tomorrow.

No pounds down but it’s okay. It’ll happen…

Oh gosh! I feel like I havent blogged or been on tumblr in forever but in reality it’s probably been like what? 3 or 4 days? Well I’m back! Hi!
Things on my mind:

1)Went to a beautiful wedding this Sunday and like every wedding I go to all I could think about is who will I marry?!?!
2) Today in yoga class our instructor asked us each to tell her when we last had an extraordinary moment. And I literally couldn’t think of one. Sooooo…that’s cool….
3) Taylor Swift is the performer at this year’s Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show (Dec 10) and I can’t help but wonder what song she’s going to sing?!?! I just can’t picture any of Taylor’s song being strutted to on the runway. My only two guesses are I Knew You Were Trouble or maybe State of Grace?? If anyone already knows please let me know!
4) I’m going to the gym after work! This is probably the first time I’ve been back to the gym in what…. 5 months?? Maybe more? But it’s my new goal because I have to be in a wedding in April and NO WAY I’m going to let myself be the fat bridesmaid. No way jose! Everyone is a size 0-2 and I’m like a size 50. hahahah Not really…but pretty much. I’ll keep ya posted on my weight loss. Woo!

Diet Diary

Dear Diary,

Today is day 10 of my HCG/800 calories a day diet. On this diet you’re supposed to lose a pound a day. So I should be 10 pounds down today and swinging from the rafters with happiness. Unfortunately I am only down 6.5 pounds. The last time I lost a pound was when I weighed myself Tuesday morning. It’s frustrating when you feel like you’re barely eating anything and you aren’t dropping the weight every day.

BUT, though I’m frustrated by it, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I’ve almost lost 7 pounds!!! I mean…that’s a pretty big deal. I’ll take it! I can already feel my pants getting loose and my tummy getting flatter. So it is inspiring.

I really don’t want to gain those 6.5 pounds back so I’m excited to continue to eat only healthy foods and also work out more. I’m determined! Here I go! Update soon 🙂

Diet Friday

So I’ve officially discovered how I gained 15lbs since I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago. Yes…I know..most people move to LA and lose weight…I did the opposite.

I’m only on day 4 of my 800 calories a day HCG drops diet but I can see clearly now how I would eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING without even second guessing. Also I work in an office. And anyone who works in an office knows there is always some kind of bad food swarming around the kitchen calling your name. Just today alone, my office ordered pizza for everyone and then around 3 o’clock we had a brownies and ice cream party. I can’t even tell you how weird it felt to not partake in any of it! Because I am never THAT girl. I eat it all and sometimes even go for seconds. So of course now that I’m avoiding basically everything but protein and veggies, I realize how often I would just eat it all! lol

It’s mind boggling I tell you!! It definitely shows me that I need to have more self control in the future and start making healthier choices.

I made pasta salad tonight…

and I am so proud of myself. Why you ask? Because I don’t know how to cook. So any time I get a recipe together and make something…I am always impressed with myself. Even if it might not taste the greatest, it tastes great to me because I did it! haha

Tonight’s pasta salad consisted of pasta (duh), cucumbers, red bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes all chopped and tossed together with house italian dressing. I also added some pepper and parmesan cheese! Delish! I plan on eating a little of this with my lunch every day. I need to keep things consistent and simple while I’m trying to lose weight so I don’t get off track. It’s very easy for me to get off track.

This week’s daily diet:

Breakfast: water, coffee, 100 calorie high fiber english muffin
Snack: Banana
Lunch: tortilla, with hummus, cucumber, lettuce and grilled chicken inside, side of pasta salad
Snack: 1 kashi bar or an orange
Dinner: veggie patty, steamed veggies (usually a mixture of corn, zucchini, broccoli and mushrooms

Week 1…

Week 1 of my diet was pretty much a success. I’ve never felt better. Every day I ate small snacks every 2 hours, had a healthy light dinner, and worked out.
Wednesday I went to this kickboxing class my gym offers. There were only 3 of us in the class so it felt more like a personal training session. I was SO sore the next day.
Then Thursday I went to a yoga class and that kicked my ass as well. Even though I only lost about 3 pounds in my first week, I still felt skinnier, not as sluggish and lighter.

This week I’m just going to continue with my plan and also avoid any and all junk food. Not that I was eating any but every once in awhile I’d steal a bite of a cookie…not gonna happen this week!

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