I’m Engaged!!!!!


I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG. I’m engaged!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I literally started this blog almost 5 years ago to write about my thoughts on many things but mostly is was to write about my single/dating life.
And here I am.,…an engaged woman!!

It’s so surreal. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life!!! I just can’t believe I have found the one!!!! And I knew it early too. I knew it a year ago when we first met that he was the one.

It was always just so easy and wonderful with Will. There was never any dating/ getting to know you drama. There were no games. It was just instant connection and instant respect and love.

I’ve learned so much about myself and relationships being with Will. But what’s the craziest thing is when you find someone who loves you just as much as you love them. When you find someone who sees your flaws but loves you anyway. Unconditionally. It’s a feeling I’ve always dreamed about and yearned for…and now that it’s finally my reality … it’s indescribable.

I just feel so very lucky to have found him.

why the fuck do you always talk about that dress


have you seen it?????????????????????????????


What if I got this dress as my wedding dress..but instead made it more white with white glitter on top…I mean…. that would be epic right?

My best friend is getting married this Saturday and since she’s a HUGE Britney Spears fan…. she would have loved something like this at her wedding. hahahaha So freaking awesome!!


Diet Update! 10 Days Until the Big Day!

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!!! Well in exactly one week from today I will be on a plane to Hawaii for my bff’s wedding!!!

The time has finally come!!! I went to get my dress altered today and thankfully…it zipped all the way!!! Hoorayyyyy! Last time I tried on my bridesmaid dress it was about an inch away from clasping. So THAT is very exciting! And the very first time I tried it on…it wouldn’t even zip half way. haha
I officially fit in my dress I bought 2 sizes too small in hopes of losing weight. haha The only problem is…I can barely breathe in it. I have exactly 10 days until the actual wedding day and in those 10 days I need to lose at least another 2 pounds to feel comfortable on that day!

Why do I do this to myself????? Fail fail.

I’m proud that I’ve lost 7lbs. And that at least my dress does zip up. haha I’m just bummed I have to be stressed out about it the whole time I’m in Hawaii.

I’m just going to continue to eat clean, eat very little, and get workouts in on the beach.

Sneak peak of Kim Kardashian’s wedding. Wow! I love that everyone was required to wear black and white…very classy. Kim looks stunning, and Kris looks SO nervous and awkward. Adorable. Can’t wait to see E!’s wedding special!

source: perezhilton.com


Single Girl Story #2

Now for all my single girls out there, you know how exciting weddings can be. Wait…did I say exciting? I meant depressing. jk jk …You gotta look at it in a positive way. Weddings are a time to party, be with your friends, drink free booze, and dance the night away. I did just that at my good friend’s wedding this past weekend. Since I ended up going to this wedding dateless, I was happy to discover there were a LOT of hot guys at this wedding. And by hot guys… I mean 90% of them were taken so I was left with about…two. 

Let’s discuss the dancing first. The first dance of the wedding, the DJ turned down all the lights and shouted “Now, let’s start off with a couples dance!!” Well…if that isnt the most depressing way to start off a wedding for a single girl, I dont know what is. I quickly bolted to the bathroom with a friend and did shots of vodka in the stall. (Got to keep it classy)
Once the couples dance was over…I found myself glued to the dance floor. I did the electric slide, I did the dougie, I jumped in the air and danced to “SHOUT!” …I did every cliche dance possible. While dancing my booty off, hot guy #1 came up to me and we started to dance.  Everything was going perfectly until I soon realized this guy was waaaaay younger than me. This took his hotness down to about a 7 …when he could have easily been an 8.5 if he was older. Not one to rob the cradle I soon began bonding with hot guy #2. 

Bonding time went perfectly. I officially had a guy to flirt and dance with all night. Wedding = success.