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Diet Update! 10 Days Until the Big Day!

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!!! Well in exactly one week from today I will be on a plane to Hawaii for my bff’s wedding!!!

The time has finally come!!! I went to get my dress altered today and thankfully…it zipped all the way!!! Hoorayyyyy! Last time I tried on my bridesmaid dress it was about an inch away from clasping. So THAT is very exciting! And the very first time I tried it on…it wouldn’t even zip half way. haha
I officially fit in my dress I bought 2 sizes too small in hopes of losing weight. haha The only problem is…I can barely breathe in it. I have exactly 10 days until the actual wedding day and in those 10 days I need to lose at least another 2 pounds to feel comfortable on that day!

Why do I do this to myself????? Fail fail.

I’m proud that I’ve lost 7lbs. And that at least my dress does zip up. haha I’m just bummed I have to be stressed out about it the whole time I’m in Hawaii.

I’m just going to continue to eat clean, eat very little, and get workouts in on the beach.

Week 1

Well…well….it’s officially been a week since I first posted about the new year and how I wanted to get on track and lose weight. This first week has been a HUGE success. I’ve gone to the gym almost every day. I think I only missed a day or two. And I’m already down 4 lbs!

I know this is a lot for a week…and it won’t be this great EVERY week. But just taking a week off from drinking and eating poorly has completely de-bloated me. I feel better already. 

I’ve been cooking all my meals, doing 30-40 mins of cardio a day, and haven’t eaten ANY junk food. I’m excited to keep ya’ll posted. Because talking about it here keeps me motivated. And I hope I can continue to receive better results.

Links I’m Reading

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Diet Diary

Dear Diary,

Today is day 10 of my HCG/800 calories a day diet. On this diet you’re supposed to lose a pound a day. So I should be 10 pounds down today and swinging from the rafters with happiness. Unfortunately I am only down 6.5 pounds. The last time I lost a pound was when I weighed myself Tuesday morning. It’s frustrating when you feel like you’re barely eating anything and you aren’t dropping the weight every day.

BUT, though I’m frustrated by it, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I’ve almost lost 7 pounds!!! I mean…that’s a pretty big deal. I’ll take it! I can already feel my pants getting loose and my tummy getting flatter. So it is inspiring.

I really don’t want to gain those 6.5 pounds back so I’m excited to continue to eat only healthy foods and also work out more. I’m determined! Here I go! Update soon 🙂