After watching the Men Tell All Bachelorette episode tonight I just have sooooo many thoughts. Sorry for the blurry picture above, but it’s almost midnight and I’m blogging so it’s not going to be perfection.

First thought: I can tell ABC is really trying to feel out if they should make Juan Pablo or Zak (Zack?) the next Bachelor. Because HEAVEN FORBID we cast a great unknown guy for the next season like they used to do 10 years ago. No wonder Des had guys on her season thinking of becoming the next Bachelor. It’s because that’s how the casting works these days and present contestants know this.

I would honestly be okay with either of these guys being the next Bachelor. I think Zak is attractive enough and he has such a good heart. And Juan Pablo is probably the hottest guy reality television has ever seen so either way it’s a win win. But if I had to choose it would be Juan.

Ben: Ben was put in the hot seat first tonight at the MTA and you could tell he had his answers rehearsed perfectly. He said exactly the right thing about every issue thrown at him. But at the end of the day it was too late. Even with a perfect response/excuse all the guys and Bachelor Nation watching just can’t trust him anymore. He ruined it all for himself.

Kasey: I liked Kasey during the season and I wish he would have made it further. But he annoyed me tonight. He’s making this whole James/Mikey thing SO dramatic and just turned it into way more serious of an issue than it needed to be.

Mikey/James: Here’s the thing…. these two guys got caught doing/saying what people on this show think to themselves all day long. It’s reality. I think Mikey did a good job of trying to explain how the conversation was just two normal guys talking how they would to each other in the real world. At the end when Des came out James made a great point by saying to her, “You were dating 25 guys at the same time!!“ It really made me realize how silly it all is. Des sat up there in front of all the guys and scolded James for not being perfect and all I could think of was, “you want these guys to be 100% devoted to you when you’re off kissing all of them at the same time?” It’s all a tad hypocritical.

I do think James and Mikey are a little douchey and when it comes to finding a guy to marry out of the group, there are a lot better ones to choose, but I think they got too much heat for what really went down.

Michael: I still hate him so so much. Not a fan AT ALL. I wish Ben would have jumped across the table and munched him on the two on one date. I honestly feel sorry for whatever woman who does end up marrying him. Yuck

Next week is Part 1 of the two part Finale and if I had to guess as to what happens this would be it:
Drew tells her he’s just not feelin it so he needs to leave the show. She is heart broken because he dumped her before she could dump him, and at the same time Drew was really the only guy out of the 3 she likes, so after Drew leaves she tells both Brooks and Chris they need to go home too and she just can’t find love with anyone!


I don’t read spoilers so please dont tell me if I’m right or wrong.
I am not surprised that this would be the outcome because week after week I watched Des send home amazing guys and kept lame ones. No wonder she couldnt find love.


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