The royal baby is here!!!

Let’s be honest…I don’t really care THAT much about the royal family but I do care enough to know it deserves a post. Today Prince William and Kate Middleton walked out of the hospital to show the world their brand new baby boy.

This is their first child together and the future king! They are such a cute couple, I do love seeing them together. It’s so classy how they walk out of the hospital together, show the baby, answer a few questions, then drive home. It feels very old school and I love it.

They aren’t like the U.S. who waits to show off their baby on a magazine cover to whatever tabloid will pay them the most. Yuck.

My mom was such a huge Princess Diana fan, I grew up watching so many movies about her and news coverage, it’s pretty awesome to think here I am, old enough to take in and enjoy my generation’s royal family.

image: Lefteris Pitarakis /AP and


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