Oh my gosh. I know….
It’s been weeks and I have not given you my review of the Justin Timberlake Jay Z  Legends of Summer concert!!!
But I’m finally finding time to do so, so here goes.

I went to the show at Candlestick Park in San Francisco,CA. Unfortunately our seats were at the very top of the stadium so Jay Z and JT looked like ants. I could barely see them. But believe it or not, the music was SO good, it didn’t even matter to me that they were so far.

They opened the show with Jay Z’s Holy Grail and since this just happens to be one of my favorite songs at the moment, I was on my feet jumping up and down and singing my heart out. 

The concert was filled with hit after hit, Jay Z and Timberlake switching back and forth. I will say Jay Z nailed it a bit more than Justin. His songs are just SO good everyone was screaming and rapping along.

Luckily JT sang 90% of his old jams which was clearly his best music and the crowd didn’t mind one bit! When he sang “Cry Me A River” I was reminded all over again just how epic that song is. It’s a game changer.

The concert last a little over 2 hours and I didnt sit down once. Every song was amazing and every song had you on your feet. Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time!! I only wish I had better seats.

Grade: A-

Set List:
1.) Holy Grail
2.) I Just Wanna Love U
3.) I Want You Back
4.) Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
5.) Excuse Me Miss
6.) Senorita
7.) On to the Next One
8.) Like I Love You
9.) My Love
10.) Big Pimpin
11.) Tunnel Vision
12.) Jigga What Jigga Who
13.) U Dont KNow
14.) U Dont Know
15.) 99 Problems
16.) Public Service Announcment
17.) Hard Knock Life
18.) Heart of the City
19.) Pusher Love Girl
20.) LoveStoned
21.) Summer Love
22.) Until The End of Time
23.) Cry Me A River
24.) Take Back The Night
25.) What Goes Around Comes Around
26.) Dirt Off Your Shoulder
27.) Niggas in Paris
28.) Tom Ford
29.) New York New York/ Empire State of Mind
30.) Mirrors
31.) Run This Town
32.) Encore
33.) Sexy Back
34.) Suit & Tie
35.) Young Forever

source image: spin.com


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