Ladies and gentlemen… the most epic thing we’ll probably see in the next 10 years. Where do I even begin?!?!

Justin Timberlake performed a mini concert at tonight’s MTV VMAs and I’ve watched it over and over again and it just gets better the more you watch. Trust me, this is not a performance you want to see just once. It’s beyond.

Not only did JT sing every single one of his hits BUT NSync made an appearance and performed a few hits as well!! OMG. Can’t even express how I felt when NSync came on stage together. It was like all that passion and love I had for them back in the day came rushing back and I was overcome by emotion. I cried. I balled. It was embarrassing.

I’m actually watching the performance again as I blog this and it’s epic. I wish I was there. I can’t even imagine the energy and excitement in the room.


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