Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” Could Not Be Better Timing!

Did Miley Cyrus just completely redeem herself from her infamous 2013 VMA performance? I think it’s safe to say, that is a YES.

Most of us were a bit skeptical when Miley debuted “We Can’t Stop” back in June after a complete physical transformation and a music video with her now trademark “twerking” and teddy bears. While it seems most people adjusted rather quickly to this new Miley, her performance at MTV’s VMA’s quickly shut down any progress she had made to reinvent herself.

But then this happens. On Sept. 9th 2013, Miley debuted her music video for her second single off “Bangerz”, “Wrecking Ball” and the song and video are downright incredible. Wow! Talk about a complete 180…

It’s addictive. It’s a power ballad. It’s a track that show’s off Miley’s voice. It’s exactly what we needed from Miley right now. It’s a track that could be just as big as “We Can’t Stop” if not bigger. Well done Miley.

The video is risque, but its done right. It’s sure to cause some controversy due to the fact that Miley is almost naked in it, but it’s classy, for an “urban” pop singer of course.

If you woke up today and were still annoyed and doubtful of Miley Cyrus, this song and video might just change all of that. It did for me.


A Must Watch!

Agreed Brendan!!!!


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