Britney Spears premieres new single “Work Bitch”

Okay, so you’ve listened to it and right off the back you’re either like “OMG! So fun!” or you’re like “Umm no. Doesn’t do anything for me.”

If you’re one of those “Umm no doesn’t do anything for me.” then I have a challenge for you. Drive around in your car and turn this song up as loud as it will go and tell me it doesn’t pump you up. Or blast it in your headphones and start running at the gym. Or go to a club and tell me this song doesn’t make you want to dance your ass off. The beat is SO good.

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want  a Maserati? You better work bitch! You want a Lamborghini, sip martinis, look hot in a bikini, you better work bitch!”

My only issue with the song is that it’s a lot of beat and not much Britney. I love a Britney song that goes chorus, verse, chorus, bridge. But even though she doesn’t follow that pattern in this new single, I still can say I’m a fan. I’m happy with it! She never disappoints me with her music.

Work bitch!!


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