Miley’s Rollingstone Interview Highlights: She’s Not As Out-Of-Control As You Think

If you’re one of the many onlookers troubled by the newly transformed Miley Cyrus and her shenanigans(pretty much everyone is or has been) then you might be missing the point here. Miley sat down with Rollingstone for the October 2013 issue Miley Cyrus: Confessions Of Pop’s Wildest Child and proves that she’s actually a pretty cool chick who knows what she’s doing.

America is crazy and skewed:

“America is just so weird in what they think is right and wrong,” she continues. “Like, I was watching Breaking Bad the other day, and they were cooking meth. I could literally cook meth because of that show. It’s a how-to. And then they bleeped out the word ‘fuck.’ And I’m like, really? They killed a guy, and disintegrated his body in acid, but you’re not allowed to say ‘fuck’? It’s like when they bleeped ‘molly’ at the VMAs. Look what I’m doing up here right now, and you’re going to bleep out ‘molly’? Whatever.”

Kanye West to Miley right before her VMA performance:

‘There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you right now,”

On her friendship with Justin Bieber:

"I’m not much older than him, so I never want it to feel like I’m mentoring him. But I do mentor him in a way. Because I’ve been doing this shit for a long time, and I already transitioned, and I don’t think he’s quite done it yet.

"He’s trying really hard,” she adds. “People don’t take him seriously, but he really can play the drums, he really can play guitar, he really can sing. I just don’t want to see him fuck that up, to where people think he’s Vanilla Ice. I tell him that. Like, ‘You don’t want to become a joke. When you go out, don’t start shit. Don’t come in shirtless.’ But the thing is,” she says with a laugh, “I think boys are, like, seven years behind. So in his head, he’s really, like, 12.”

How Miley transitioned from Disney to “adulthood” who knows what you call this phase

(she moved Detroit to shoot a movie, then later to Philadelphia where Liam was shooting a movie)

“I was away from people for a minute, and I just started feeling my own vibe. I bought a pair of Doc Martens. I shaved my head. Driving a fucking Ford Explorer around. Just blending in.”

Shortly after she started to record Bangerz, Miley cleaned house. “I basically cut off all ties,” she says. “I got rid of my manager,(she’s now with Britney Spears’s manager, Larry Rudolph) I got rid of my label. I just started over. I really wanted to stay with my manager, but I feel like this” – her recent evolution – “would have scared them. I just don’t think they would’ve had as much faith in what I’m doing.”

Why Miley loves Pharell so much:

(a text message from Pharell she reads during the interview)

“The VMAs was nothing more than God or the Universe showing you how powerful anything you do is,” he says at one point. “It’s like uranium – it has the power to take over lives or power entire countries. Now that you’ve seen your power, master it.”

“You’re not a train wreck,” he says later. “You’re the train pulling everyone else along.”

Lil Kim loves Miley and is happy for her:

(a text message)

“My little pumpkin, I just had to tell you you’re so fucking smart. I love you and all the press you are getting. Sad I didn’t run into you at the VMAs. Keep killing it, boo.” Miley laughs. “My little pumpkin!”


She also goes skydiving and gets sushi and does the unthinkable, she goes to a club and dances. But that is just some of the interview Rollingstone captured. My advice for you…if you are confused/frustrated by Miley, this is a must read. You might just see a side of our favorite Disney star that is a bit more explained. At this point, I’m rooting for Miley. Sure some of this shiz is a bit buckwild but she know’s what she’s doing and I’m down!


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