From the moment Glee’s ‘Farewell To Finn’ episode began I was a hot mess. 7.4 million fans tuned in to last night’s episode to remember and say goodbye to our favorite character. I sat on my bed, a box of tissues in front of me, and I cried for the WHOLE hour.

I dont know why it affected me so much. Maybe because I’ve watched this show from the first season and I felt like I really knew Cory Monteith? You know how when you watch a show, the characters start to feel like friends or family? I think that must be it….

The episode was beautiful. They never mentioned how the character Finn died which was nice (though others disagree)…because does it even matter? It’s best to focus on what a wonderful person he was and how he had touched everyone’s lives. I do wish the episode showed flashbacks of Cory and his fun or touching moments he had in each season.

Watch the opening number above. SO SO SAD.

You can watch other songs they did here.


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