I’m not a huge Jonas Brothers fan. I could never really get into them or their music. But I was watching Good Morning America this morning and  Joe, Kevin and Nick were on the show discussing the recent announcement of their breakup.

They said all the right things and came off very professional and cordial. But if I had to guess from what they were saying and the vibe I was getting during the interview, it would be that Joe and Nick don’t get along very well. I think they compete with one another and that just leads to jealousy and not liking each other. Nick feels like he is too good for the band and he would do better off on his own.

And Kevin is just like “Whatever guys. I don’t really sing anyway. I’m just in the band cause I play guitar and youre my brothers.”

I don’t see any of them being successful on their own. Solo white male artists aren’t really a thing anymore unless you’re SUPER talented, have swag, or sing and write like John Mayer.

*side note* Can we discuss their biceps though?? WOW.


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