Traveling 101

Whenever I travel I usually give myself plenty of time to get there and relax or just the perfect amount of time to walk up to my gate and hop on the plane. I never expect anything to go wrong with my bags or with security.

So of course this morning when I was dumb enough to think I could take a blender I received for Christmas onto the plane and security said no, I almost missed my flight.

Security told me I could run back down to the check-in gate, check the blender, then come back up and go through security all over again. Out of sheer panic I agreed, but as I got downstairs I realized there was NO way I could do all of that and make it onto the plane in 20 minutes!
So I ran up to a lady who worked at the airport, told her the story and told her she could keep the blender if she wanted and “Merry Christmas!”

I went back through security with 10 mins until my plane was supposed to take off and of COURSE I got behind a family with a baby who moved as fast as molasses. I think the dad felt my energy and he kindly told me I could cut in front of them. THANK GOD!

I ran and made it onto my plane with seconds to spare. Phew!

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