Oh em gee.
Let’s discuss last night’s finale episode of The Bachelor, shall we???

It seems like another life time ago that I heard the announcement Juan Pablo would be the next Bachelor and I actually felt excited and happy about it. It’s weird to think now…given what I know…that I was once happy about this casting choice.

Last night fans everywhere who watch every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, cringed on their couches as they watched this all go down.

In case you don’t watch the show let me fill you in super quick. Juan dumped Claire and chose Nikki. But he didn’t propose to Nikki, he just asked if she would date him for awhile. Because he “likes her a lot. A. LOT!”
She agreed, and that was that.

So flash forward to the After The Rose episode that aired live right after. There sat Juan Pablo. The biggest douche that has ever been on the show. Talking in circles for a full hour and not making any sense.

I understand that the show is silly, and you can’t really fall in love in that short of time. I don’t dislike him because he didn’t propose. I dislike him because he has the intelligence of a tree. And not only is he stupid but he’s arrogant and cocky too. He just doesn’t get it. I could sit in front of his face, eye to eye, and speak slowly and tell him what he’s doing or saying wrong and he would stare back at me and reply “It’s okay.” and not absorb anything that I just said! That was basically him all season- not absorbing or taking in anything that anyone said to him. Which caused him to not have any real connections with the girls.
No wonder he couldn’t propose at the end. bkasdhlghslkfhsa!

He was a failure at this whole Bachelor thing and wasted our time! lol
I’m really hoping the next season of The Bachelorette goes way better than Juan Pablo’s did. Fans and viewers deserve the last 10 weeks of their lives back. Gah!


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