One Month Later Post…

I am 100% smitten. Today it’s been exactly 2 weeks since our first date. I can’t even believe I’m typing 2 weeks. It seriously feels like 2 months. How has it only been 2 weeks??? Good lord…
Anyway… it’s been 2 weeks since our first date and I have not felt this happy with someone in years. And this isn’t some “oh I like him because we make-out when we’re drunk on more than one occasion” bullshit. This is the real stuff. 
I’m spending Saturday afternoons laying at the pool with this guy. I’m going on Sunday hikes with this guy. I’m watching 5 hours of HBO Go with this guy…. it’s REAL. 
And though I can’t stop smiling and I’m completely smitten… I can’t help but worry just a little bit that this could all be over tomorrow. The ‘getting to know you and dating process’ can be pretty nerve wracking. Because when you know you’re fully into it, you always worry that the other person may not be. 
I was expressing my worries to my mom and she told me, “Just be yourself. If he doesnt like you for who you are… then it’s not meant to be.” And it’s SO obvious and SO true and we hear it a million times…but it’s seriously advice I need to be reminded of every day to help me feel better and not worry so much. If this guy decides he’s not into me then fine. I’ll find someone else one day who is. 

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