50 Shades of Grey movie trailer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg…the moment women everywhere have been waiting for. haha 
It’s only obvious that I am going to be very judgmental of this trailer because I still want the role of Christian Grey to go to Charlie Hunnam

I wanted to watch this movie trailer and be turned on and excited and giddy about who they cast for this sexy role…but instead I’m just sort of like ehhhh.

Don’t get me wrong, the guy is hot…but he just isnt doing it for me because I want it to be Charlie! God it would have been SO much hotter if he had this role.

Anyway…aside from that…I think the movie trailer is great. It has everything you’d want to see in it. The passionate elevator make out, the red room, the bathroom scene and just the sexiness and anticipation of Mr. Grey. 

It’s going to be interesting to see it in film version that’s for sure. And women, including myself, are going to race to the theaters to see this on Valentines Day 2015.


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