Come Back, Be Here

The guy I dated and moved to New York almost 2 years ago still talks to me every now and then. We’ve remained pretty friendly. Today on my Timehop app one of the notifications was that exactly 2 years ago I went and saw the play War Horse. And it made me think of him because that was our first date.

I wrote him and told me “two years ago was our first date!” and he replied “the play?”

Awww he remembered.

I do miss him. Things were easy with him. He was just a good guy who was always up for anything. There was no drama…no issues…he really just enjoyed hanging out with me. He never told me I was too quiet. Or didnt talk enough or made me feel uncomfortable. I could just be me. And he was fine with that. And it didnt hurt he was super good looking too.

But of course he moved across the country…so what can you do?

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