It’s interesting because it’s a guy writing this article on what he finds to be the best mascaras. Good to read tho if you want to know the best drugstore mascaras!! 

I got kind of bored with it halfway down…so I scrolled to the bottom to read the best. I’m definitely going to stick with my ALL TIME FAV ONLY MASCARA I USE L’Oreal Voluminious Original but now after reading this I’m definitely going to give the Volum Express Falsies from Maybelline a try and also the Maybelline Mega Plush 

Surprised by the BEST OVERALL: L’Oréal Shocking Extensions Telescopic because I’ve bought and used that one before and wasnt too impressed.

The xoJane Definitive Drugstore Mascara Review: No, Seriously, I Tried ALL OF THEM


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