Helllooooo everyone! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween weekend! It’s November 3rd! Can you believe it?? November freaking third! We are officially in Fall and holidays are just around the corner. How exciting!!

The picture above is from this cute spot in LA called Salt & Straw. I took my boyfriend there on Saturday because his favorite food EVER is ice cream and I’ve heard great things about this place. Let’s just say..it was heaven!!! You can tell when ice cream is good quality. And this place has so many unique flavors, all handmade. 

We also saw this beautiful woman walk in and I just knew right away she was an actress/model of some sort. Will agreed…but couldn’t place what she was in. Luckily my 6th sense kicked in and my ability to spot and figure out any celeb I run into whether they are A list or D list, and I realized after a few glances that it was Ali Landy. This may be his first celeb spotting in LA so that was exciting for him. haha

I had a great Halloween dressing up as Mario and Luigi with the bf and we went party bus/bar hopping Friday night. I may or may not have picked a fight with one of the girls in our group, but that’s another story for another time. Sometimes when I get drunk… I think I’m really badass. And let’s be real. I’m all bark, no bite. This time it got me pushed sooooo that’s fun. lol 


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