The picture above I took of myself enjoying a mimosa with friends the morning of Jan 1st. It was a wonderful way to start off the New Year!
Looking back at old posts, it seems 2014 started off like every other year starts off for me. My goals were to eat healthy and go the the gym.
I so badly want to be in shape and be skinny but stupid food always wins the battle!! Also last year my other resoultion was to write down things that make me happy randomly throughout the year on a piece of paper and put them in a mason jar.

Well surprise surprise… My mason jar is empty. I would think about doing this throughout the year but I would always get distracted and forget to write it down. It’s such a nice idea though! Now that a year has passed, it would have been so fun if I followed through with it. haha

2014 was an awesome year for me. Highlights include:
*Olivias Bachelorette party in Vegas
*Olivia’s wedding in Maui
*Losing 10 lbs for Olivia’s wedding. I had never been so disciplined!
*Girls weekend in Vegas where I met the love of my life, Will
*Making a big change in my life and finding a new job
*Falling in love

Now that 2015 is here my New Years Resolutions are:
1) Find more time to read
2) Go to the gym more
3) Work on FINALLY launching my new blog

Thanks for staying with me all year long!! Excited to see what 2015 brings!


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