Ugh Weight Gain

Well…. I’ve got some bad news to share: I’ve gained some weight. If you’re a reader who also gets to see me in person sometimes, I’m sure you’ve noticed. I just got back from a trip back home to visit my parents. And my mom is filipina and I think that makes her more brutally honest than the norm. But she straight up told me, you are fat. Which is fine… I know I’m 10lbs heavier than I was about 6 months ago. I’m 20lbs heavier than I was a year ago. Soooo I’m sure it’s noticeable. I notice it a lot. How my clothes fit, how I look in the mirror, how I feel. Blahhhhh

So anyway…this week it’s back to dieting. Only healthy food and trying to get workouts in a few times a week. When you say it out loud it seems SO easy. Like okay stop being lazy and just do it. But when you hate working out, love fatty food, and have a boyfriend who doesnt think you’re fat and doesnt judge you for all the food you eat, it’s hard! haha
But I know it needs to be done. I had fun the past few months eating like shit. And now I am paying the price. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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