Fav Song Of The Moment

This is my FAVORITE song right now. I cant get enough of it!!! So so good!!!!

All of Ellie Goulding’s music lately has been on point.

picture: Christopher Polk/Getty images

Last night I went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and it was such a great time. It was only my second time ever going there and the Bowl is just beyond fun for a concert. You forget how magical it feels until you’re in it.
It was a benefit concert for the Young Survival Coalition (an organization raising money for young women battling breast cancer) and the lineup was Katy Perry, Tegan and Sara, Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding, Bonnie McKee and Kasey Muskgraves. Amazing right?? What a show!!
One of my favs of the night was Sara Bareilles. You always hear her songs on the radio but you don’t realize how amazing her voice is until you see her live. And she sang Gravity which is seriously one of my favorite songs ever and I just LOVED getting to hear it live.

Katy Perry came out and sang a few old hits and a few new songs. Everyone was on their feet singing and dancing. When she sang her new song By The Grace Of God I fell in love immediately.
The show ended with all the artists coming out to sing Katy Perry’s “Roar” together and it was a great way to end the show!