Lauren Conrad on her website did a post about her New Years Resolutions and I thought it was a great template to follow for myself. Here are mine:

A Bad Habit I’m Going To Break: Binge eating on fast food and chips.       #myweekness :-/
A Destination I’d Like To Visit: Well I’ve already fallen in love with New York the one time I’ve been there. But I really want to go again and spend more time there. And see a Broadway show.
I’m Going To Work Harder At: Focusing on myself. Working on my goals, taking care of my body and just finding love for who I am.
A Project I’d Like To Finish: My new blog
A Class I’d Like To Take: Creative Writing
I’d Like To Spend More Time Doing: Running, walking and riding my bike on the beach
A Food I Want To Eat More Of: Sushi! Here in Los Angeles the sushi is a-mazingggg and I’d really like to try out all the different sushi places So-Cal has to offer. Even it’ll cost me a million dollars. haha.
I Want To Wear More: pencil skirts, heels, and belts. (not all at the same time of course, but they can be!) 


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