Annoying Guys From Online Dating:

Guy #1: Randomly out of the blue he texted me around 7pm Saturday night and said “I got a dvd screener of ‘American Hustle’ I am going to watch on my movie screen. 🙂 What are you doing tonight?”
Me: “That sounds so fun. But I can’t tonight. :-/” 
Guy #1: “No, that’s not what I meant. I was just telling you what I’m doing and asking you what you were up to.”

Oh really?? Really? You just like to randomly text me in the middle of the day and tell me what your plans are when I didnt even ask?! And I’m not supposed to assume that that’s an invite?
Aint nobody got time for that, weirdo.

Guy#2: “So when are you available so we can go on a date?”
Me: “Next week sometime. Weds maybe?”
Guy #2: “Maybe? I don’t do maybes.  If the best you got is maybe, I’ll pass.”
Me: “Okay dramatic. I didnt mean it like that. I meant it as a question. Like Wednesday works for me, would it work for you too?”
Guy #2: “Okay Wednesday works! See you then! 🙂 “

Ummmmmm no…you will not be seeing me then.

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