Life Update

Oh heeyyyyy everyone!!! So sorry I havent updated in forever.  I havent forgotten about this blog, so dont worry! But what does a girl who used to be single for over a decade and write about dating and hookups talk about now that she’s fallen in love?!?!

hahaha I guess I could talk about love…but I mean… that’s probably not nearly as entertaining. 

For the past 3 months my life has been all about getting used to this new job I started and giving 90% of all my attention to the new boyfriend. 🙂
Will and I are moving SO fast… I can barely keep up. But it’s all in a good way!
Him and I havent had your typical “we’re dating…taking it slow…” type of relationship. It’s literally been like “hi we met, hi be my girlfriend, hi I’m in love with you. hi here’s my family to meet, hi we both plan on marrying each other, hi this is where we want to raise our children..”

And I mean ALL of this in just a few months.
Scary! Right???
Except I’m not scared at all. 

I’m so happy. I finally feel complete. I finally feel relaxed. I’m totally at ease. The only fear I have going on in this head of mine is “It’s SO fast, will this really last a lifetime?”

And you really dont know. And no one can ever know that. So I’m really just banking on how confident I feel in this relationship and how I feel about him in this moment.

Blogging from work so I gotta be fast! Sorry if this isnt the best written blog. But promise to provide more updates on the regular! xoxo

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