Catching Up…

Oh hello there!! Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I finally got our computer here at home set up so I am able to blog again. Yippeeeee!! And boy do I have a few things to discuss. I may actually do it in separate posts so this isnt one longggggg post. So first things first, because it’s the most recent life changing things I’ve done, I quit my job. Yes…yes I sure did. You may remember this post about 5 or so weeks ago where I talked about starting a new one?
Well, unfortunately it did not work out. I went into the position very excited. But as the days passed I just felt like maybe I wasnt super qualified. The projects they would give me I could do, but at the same time, I felt this nervous anxiety all day every day like I didnt really know what I was doing.

Everyone at this company was very friendly and nice, and I know it was too soon to tell, I just didnt feel at home there. I felt very alone. And when I pictured myself working there for a couple more months…years… I just didnt see myself happy there.
I would come home almost every night and cry to my boyfriend. I was in a dark place. Waking up and not enjoying and dreading where you have to go to work 5 days a week is the worst feeling. And it wasnt just a “I hate my job” feeling. It was a constant anxiety I was having about it. I could just not be happy.

So… I reached out to my old firm (the one I was at for 6 years and left 7 months ago) and I asked if they would take me back. And luckily within a few hours, they called me and said they would! And I could start as soon as Monday!

I have never been more thrilled!!!

If I’m being honest, I’m in a totally different frame of mind than I was a few years ago. My priorities have changed and I envision a somewhat different life for myself. I still have to figure out exactly what path I want to take career wise. But since I was doing the same type of work at this new job, I felt like why not go do the same work at a place where I feel like my coworkers are my family and I know what I’m doing?
It feels so right and I feel happy again.

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