Another New Chapter…


I started a new job this week. I barely had any time to write about why I wanted to leave my old job and how that all went down.
The new job I had before was very disappointing. I left my job of 6+ years to try something new and got a job in the accounting department of a talent agency here in Beverly Hills. It sounded like a dream! But it was far from that. I lasted 5 months before I knew I needed to go.
From day 1 things just didn’t seem right. The guy training me barely did any work all day. He’d show me what I was supposed to do, then we’d just sit there for 4 hours doing nothing. He’d amuse himself by watching tv shows on the computer but helloooo I just started at this place. I definitely couldn’t be caught watching tv. A few months into the job I also realized the people in my department were bizarre. Crazy, rude, dramatic and just the worst work ethic. It started to have a pretty strong affect on me emotionally and I was just miserable and unhappy. So luckily I found a new business management firm that was hiring, I applied, interviewed and got the job offer in 2 days. It was amazinggggggg. Couldn’t believe how fast it all happened!!! I gave my 2 weeks notice and it felt SO good to be walking out of there on my last day.
So here I am today. Day 2 of the new job. I’m feeling a little discouraged. Like I’m not connecting with my superior and he thinks I’m an idiot. But I hope I’m just all in my head and I can step up my game in the future. The people I work with are SO nice and helpful so at least I have that going for me. It’s a nice change.
Keep you posted on how it goes! Pray for me that I can do a good job there.

Ugh Work…

Today was an awful day at work. I got in a fight with this guy in my accounting department. And it was this huge blowout and now I just feel so uncomfortable and sad about it all.
I hate this new job I have. It’s been about 4 months now and it’s just not improving at all. If anything it’s getting worse. I feel like I need a good cry over it and I’ll feel better.

Superbowl Sunday 2015!!



Oh Super Bowl… one of my favorite holidays. I really love Super Bowl Sunday because I love watching football…and I love the excitement and energy of it all. Usually I go to a big party or a packed bar and just enjoy getting Sunday drunk.

This year….won’t be as crazy, and I’m happily fine with that too. I’ll be spending Sunday lounging on the couch with my boyfriend and his family in Rio Vista, CA. His mom makes THE BEST appetizers so I am beyond stoked to just veg out and eat yummy food.

Katy Perry is the half time performance so that in itself is exciting!! I’m nervous to see what she does to get back at Taylor Swift during her performance. Because she has made it clear she is going to. Blah! Stupid feud. Hate it.

I dont really care for either team but because I despise the Seahawks I’ll be rooting for the Patriots. Woo!! Yay football!!

Bathroom Inspired


WOW! I am obsessed with this bathroom makeover. Click here to see!

Flash Mob!!!

Oh. Em Gee.

This is by far the best birthday of my life!!! Yesterday felt like a dream!!

I officially turned 30 yesterday! And my boyfriend made it so SO special.
I had to work on my birthday which sucked, but I was immediately greeted with flowers at the office! There were 18 long stem red roses. And in the card it read “The other 12 will be at home.”
bday 2

My mom and dad also sent me flowers which were so perfect too 🙂 I was proud of my mom because she had never ordered flowers online before and she managed perfectly all by herself!


Will also had chocolate covered strawberries delivered with a note that read “something you can share with your coworkers.” So thoughtful that one! My coworkers were like “Wowww. What an amazing boyfriend! I’m so impressed.”

After work Will and I had dinner plans which was at a restaurant he was going to surprise me with. I love surprises. 🙂
So after work I raced home to get ready for dinner. I was wearing a new dress Will had bought me specifically to wear on my birthday. It was gold and sequin-cy. The perfect turning 30th b-day dress. He didnt see it when I bought it so it was a fun little surprise for him.

Will got all dressed up in a suit as well and we headed out. Our first stop was at the urban lights at Los Angeles Museum of Art. He knew it was a spot in LA I loved so he thought it’d be fun to go there and take pictures in my new dress. I loved the idea!
We parked and walked up to the lights and I saw a birthday balloon and I remember thinking to myself  “Oh, someone else here must be having a birthday too. Crazy.”


An Ode to my 20s

Wow! Today is my 30th Birthday. As I write the words it barely feels real.


30 used to be my scary age..maybe it still is. But because I feel so happy with where my life is right now at 30…it doesn’t feel so scary after all.

Age really is just a number. It feels like yesterday I turned 21 and even though things have changed, many things have still stayed the same too.

When I look back at my 20’s I’m flooded with amazing memories.  I got to experience: (in no particular order)

  • Moving to a big new city
  • Traveling to New York, Chicago, and Hawaii
  • Online dating…. I did it all. Okcupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder.
  • Random make-outs on the beach
  • Girls weekends/getaways in Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Vegas, San Francisco, Temecula
  • Sorority life
  • Graduating college
  • Interning for Ryan Seacrest and blogging all about celebrity news
  • Living in all the different areas of Los Angeles: Hollywood, Culver City, Marina Del Rey
  • Dancing, drinking, partying, making bad decisions
  • Night classes at UCLA and Santa Monica College
  • Watching many  of my close friends get married
  • Making new and long-lasting friendships
  • Crying over heart break
  • Working in accounting/ business management and learning there’s a whole other world out there of super wealthy people
  • Falling in love

I think being in your 20’s is all about finding yourself and turning yourself into the kind of adult human you want to be. ha.
You are thrown into the adult world and there’s still a part of you that wants to have fun and rage but also focus and figure out where you want your life to lead and who you want to become. I definitely worked hard and played hard and feel I was able to keep a good balance.

If my now 30 year-old self could tell my 20 year-old self anything it would probably be “Just enjoy life! Be kind to everyone, have fun, dont cry over boys because they won’t mean anything to you in a few months. And stop thinking that you will never find love. You WILL! Just wait and see! Also, take these next few years to focus on yourself because once you REALLY need to grow up, it may be too late to partake in those fun crazy times. And you will never get those opportunities or moments again.”

Things I’m leaving behind in my 20s:

  • Dating
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Reading “Things You Need to Learn in Your 20s” articles haha
  • Sleeping around with random dudes
  • Not saving money

So there you have it!! Happy 30th Birthday to me! Excited to see what my 30s bring!

Hello 30!


And just like that…. I’m 30.

Happy Birthday to me!! Goodbye 20s and hello 30s!

10 Days Until 30!!

I’m just thinking about how I’m going to be 30 in 10 days and I’m just so so excited!!!
30 years old!!! I CANNOT believe it.
I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.

Cheers to 2015!!!



The picture above I took of myself enjoying a mimosa with friends the morning of Jan 1st. It was a wonderful way to start off the New Year!
Looking back at old posts, it seems 2014 started off like every other year starts off for me. My goals were to eat healthy and go the the gym.
I so badly want to be in shape and be skinny but stupid food always wins the battle!! Also last year my other resoultion was to write down things that make me happy randomly throughout the year on a piece of paper and put them in a mason jar.

Well surprise surprise… My mason jar is empty. I would think about doing this throughout the year but I would always get distracted and forget to write it down. It’s such a nice idea though! Now that a year has passed, it would have been so fun if I followed through with it. haha

2014 was an awesome year for me. Highlights include:
*Olivias Bachelorette party in Vegas
*Olivia’s wedding in Maui
*Losing 10 lbs for Olivia’s wedding. I had never been so disciplined!
*Girls weekend in Vegas where I met the love of my life, Will
*Making a big change in my life and finding a new job
*Falling in love

Now that 2015 is here my New Years Resolutions are:
1) Find more time to read
2) Go to the gym more
3) Work on FINALLY launching my new blog

Thanks for staying with me all year long!! Excited to see what 2015 brings!

Goodbye 2014!!


Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!!!! Tonight I’ll be celebrating at my friend’s beach house in Newport. I’ll be surrounded by some of my closest bestest friends and I cannot wait. And of course for the first time ever, I’ll get to be with that special someone to ring in the new year and have that midnight kiss I’ve always dreamed of. 🙂 Yay to finally finding love and having a boyfriend on NYE. Cheers everyone!!! Happy New Year to you all!!!

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