Exactly one month later (to the date!) Apartment/Guy I Met At The Gym texted that he has a “genuine interest in having a friendship” with me. 

I seriously have no idea how I want to play this. We can’t really be friends. I don’t want to JUST be friends with him. Like do we watch the latest episode of Girls together and then we tell each other all about the latest Tinder dates we’ve been on??

Like… I just can’t.

But obviously there’s a part of me that wants to try the “friend” thing out in hopes that a) he realizes how awesome I am and falls for me and we start dating again b) he realizes how awesome I am and falls for me and I realize how lame he is and kick him to the curb leaving him feeling heart broken 

But there’s that fear that it’s going to end with c) we’re friends and he finds a girl he wants to start dating seriously, kicks me to the curb and I’m standing there like ‘fall for this shit twice shame on me’!


Oh gawwwwwwwd. Another one of my facebook friends went from “in a relationship” to “engaged.”