The Boyfriend Diet

I need to be on the boyfriend diet. It’s the only diet that has really worked for me. What’s the boyfriend diet you ask? Well let me tell ya….

The boyfriend diet consists of two main areas: portion control and daily workouts.

When I have a boyfriend I spend most of my time with him. That means that 75% of my meals are shared with this person. If I’m with my boyfriend I’m not going to order 4 tacos like I usually would if I was by myself or with my girlfriends, I’m going to order only 2 tacos. I’m not going to finish my whole plate of food when I’m with my boyfriend…I dont want him thinking I’m a fat ass…so I’ll only eat half my plate…if that. So when youre on the boyfriend diet…you’re totally engaging in portion control without even realizing it. And it’s because the whole time you’re thinking “I can’t eat more than him.”

The daily workouts are pretty self explanatory. When you have a boyfriend you get to partake in a strenuous cardio workout if ya know what I mean. *wink wink* *nudge* *nudge* Again, without even realizing…you are getting a work out and burning calories without needing to hit the gym. You’re not just pleasing yourself and your boyfriend…but working on your abs, legs and arms. It’s a win win!

I should probably patent my boyfriend diet plan before it goes global. I could be the next Betheny Frankel and write a book. Instead of “Natuarlly Thin” it’ll be titled “Naturally Thin Because of My Boyfriend.”     Okay…the title needs some work but you get the picture.

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