That Awkward Moment When….

you run into your “ex” while you’re with your new boyfriend…

The fact that this even happened is sort of mind blowing to me. Like, what are the chances in this large city of Los Angeles?? 

You may all remember Ryan… the guy I was dating very briefly from April-June of this year. I didn’t think to blog about it, but a few weeks ago I heard from him. He sent me a text message asking if I still lived in our apartment complex because he hadnt run into me once at our gym or laundry facility in the past 5 months. I explained to him that I had lost my key so couldnt use those facilities the past couple of months.
Then out of nowhere he wrote me “Is it bad to say I miss you?”
I didnt write him back because I didnt know what to say. I have Will now…I have moved on and am completely happy in my new relationship. What could I even say to that? So I didnt reply. Within a few minutes he wrote me “Sorry if that scared you away. I’m not trying to play with your heart. I just think you’re a cool ass chick. I like your energy.”

This annoyed me. If I was single and he said this to me, it would have TOTALLY messed with my heart.  But luckily that ship has sailed, so I realized “Alright! This is my in to inform him that I have a boyfriend now!" So I replied "Thanks. I’m actually in a relationship now and I’m very happy. Hope you’re doing well. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime.” and all he replied was “Looking forward to it 🙂 ”

UGH! I was sort of hoping for a more dramatic response than that. But leave it to Ryan to play it cool.

So then, back to my story of running into him…

Will and I were walking into Target hand in hand when I looked up and the guy walking right towards us was Ryan. He was walking with some girl, his arm around her.

He noticed me first. I could tell by the look on his face when I finally saw it was him. He gave me this awkward look and smirk that to me said “Oh, I see you with your boyfriend. Now you caught me with my girl, too. How awkward.” I was so shocked to see him so before I could think about my actions, I sort of smiled and gave him a half wave. And we all just kept walking. I whispered to Will, “There’s Ryan." 

Once we got inside Target Will started asking ALL these questions about Ryan. He knew all about him, but I think seeing him in person made Will feel insecure and he wanted to know even more details. Will’s the type that wants to know EVERYTHING about my ex’s and I’m the type that would rather know nothing. I remained cool and casual afterwards but I’m not going to lie, on the inside I was freaking out a bit. It was just SO weird seeing him… so many different emotions. 

I haven’t seen him since August so the last thing I saw coming was running into him when I was holding hands with my new boyfriend. I was glad that Ryan got to see, in person, that I was happy and with someone else. So he wouldn’t think I just made that up. And I also feel relieved that it didn’t work out between us. It would have been months and months of him toying with my heart and who knows if I would have been open to meeting the  love of my life

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