I’m In Love!!!!!

Gah! Who in a million years would have thought I’d be in love by September??? I mean… it all happened so fast but I’ve never felt more happy or more confident in a relationship in my life.

Every time he tells me he loves me… my heart skips a beat. Whether he says it in person, over the phone, or just through a text, it’s just the most amazing feeling in the world. Sometimes I just stare at the words when he writes it and I think “is this really happening to me?”

I was in Vegas last weekend visiting him and I knew I wanted to tell him that I love him. And I wanted to be the first one to say it. From day one he has always been so open with his emotions and his feelings for me and I’ve been more closed off. I’ve discovered in this new relationship that I’m not the best at putting words together to describe how I’m feeling. 
I knew I was in love with him 2 weeks before I actually said it. But I wanted to wait to tell him until I could say it in person. We were lying in bed and I turned to him and said “I’m not sure if there’s a perfect time or perfect way to say this. But I wanted to tell you as soon as I saw you, that I’m in love with you. I love you.” and he kissed me and said “I love you too.”

He told me he’s loved me for awhile but was waiting to tell me until we went to Disneyland together in a few weeks, so he could say it under the fireworks.
I’m dating a romantic one, I tell ya. 
But I couldnt have waited that long. I needed to tell him right away 🙂

So that’s my love story…. 

Today my faith in humanity was restored

It was a very special day in San Francisco when the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted a 5 year old boy battling leukemia his wish of being a superhero.

Click to read about the whole story.

President Obama Re-elected!

President Obama re-elected as President of the United States!!

I remember 4 years ago when Obama was elected our President for the first time and I had just moved to Los Angeles. I sat in my Hollywood apartment with my best friend/roommate and my cat and we watched the results roll in. It was such an exciting time because not only was he the first African American president but our nation was so over George W. Bush and we were all looking for something new and hopeful. 

Now 4 years later at 27 years old I get to watch Obama win again! It’s a happy feeling to be an Obama supporter and get to celebrate in victory tonight. 


You Deserve Love

“You deserve love. Not just any kind of love but, like big “I think I’m going to puke if you touch me (in a good way) and regress into a 16-year-old psycho if you don’t text me back” kind of love. You deserve to feel like a sexual being and have someone around who wants to see you naked all the time and doesn’t mind that you have cellulite or that your stomach has terrifying pockets of fat because bodies are flawed and you better deal with it, bitch. You deserve to be proven wrong, to be brought back to life by someone’s kindness at a time when you thought that no one would ever love you again. The song does not remain the same. Lo and behold, the person you like actually wants to date you and now you know that you’re not the hideous monster you thought you were. Your faith has been restored. You’re lovable. You have the relationship to prove it.

You deserve to have high highs again, even if that means experiencing the occasional low. You forget the euphoria you often feel when you fall in love. You know on a certain level that it feels amazing but you forget the specifics. Like, how your life immediately becomes a stupid Taylor Swift song and your heart does somersaults over something as simple as a sweet text message or phone call. Every ounce of maturity and pride you’ve carefully cultivated over the years disappears and suddenly you’re just another person who’s fallen in love and is acting like a smitten teenager. It’s totally embarrassing but you’re too happy to care.

You deserve to do annoying couple-y things like making each other mixes, walking down the street hand-in-hand, making out in bars, and posting stupid pictures of the two of you on Facebook. Yes, everyone will hate you but, screw it, you’re in love! You’re owed this experience. You’ve never been that annoying person in a relationship, or at least you haven’t in awhile, so why not just go for it and let everyone know you’re in love?”

Source: Ryan O’Connell of Thought Catalog

“Your internet presence will suffer but who needs validation from the internet when you have a real life person giving you a scalp massage before bed every night? You deserve compassion, understanding, oral sex, long, lingering make out sessions, and spooning. You deserve to feel safe and spoken for. Most importantly, you deserve passion. Big, messy, disgusting, and beautiful passion. Having that means you’re living and loving with a capital L. You’ve unlocked the secret. You get it now. You only live once so why don’t you love a lot? Time is too precious to sit around and deny yourself this kind of romantic fulfillment. When you think of all the time you’ve wasted closing yourself off from human connection, doesn’t it make your heart sick? We were built to love. Go do your job, dammit.”



Psy stops by the Today Show to perform his smash hit Gangnam Style.

This just makes me smile so much. I love the fact that this song is bigger than huge and everyone knows how to rock the dance. It’s just too much fun. Watch how much fun everyone is having including the whole NBC staff.


And here is your daily dose of “the cutest thing in the world” to put you into a good mood for the weekend.
I mean….can it get any cuter? Take a minute out of your life to watch this and smile.


Big Day Tomorrow!!!

So excited for the new things happening in my life! Stay tuned…


I feel like my life has gotten a little happier since I brought tumblr into it 🙂

Life In Your 20s

Life in your 20s is not easy. It’s that time in your life when you are supposed to be living like an adult but you still find yourself living like a teenager. You’re either straight out of college trying to find the right career path for yourself, or you’re working at a job that’s just okay but not where you saw yourself headed as you tossed your cap in the air at your high school graduation. Maybe you don’t even have a job. Maybe you’re still living with your parents, or living on your friend’s couch. No matter where you are in life…if you’re in your 20s… it’s not smooth sailing quite yet.

Being in your 20s is about going out with your group of friends and having to split the bill 5 ways, with 5 different visa debit cards, because hey, you’re 20 something. No one is financially stable yet where they could pick up the tab for everyone and not panic about paying your rent the next week. Being in your 20s is about buying a handle of vodka and pre-drinking as much as possible on a Friday night so when you do actually head out to the bars, you won’t have to spend as much money to get drunk. Being in your 20s is about still picturing your dream life and not settling on the idea of not achieving it. You aren’t 30 something. That dream job, dream house, dream boyfriend/girlfriend is STILL possible! No need to panic right? We’ll panic when we’re 30.

If you are a 20 something girl or guy, life can look pretty shitty at times. You can feel alone, you can feel lost, you can feel like you arent where you are supposed to be in life. And you’re filled with worry that everyone else around you is going to pass on by and achieve stability and you never will.

But dont worry! You are not alone. There are a million of us out there, struggling and discouraged. But every day we grow, we mature, we learn more about ourselves, and in the meantime we manage to have a damn good time. The crazy, fun, unstable moments we have in our 20s are some of the best memories we’ll ever have. And though we might not realize it now, every action we take is leading us on the path to an even better future.  Promise.