Why Dating is SO Difficult

I literally just spent 5 mninutes trying to decide what to text the guy I just went on a date with. He wrote me: “I had a good time tonight.” and I seriously could not decide if I should say “Me too.” “Me too! :)” “Me too!” or “So did I.” I don’t want to sound too into him and too eager so maybe I shouldnt use an explanation mark. I already sent him a smiley face in a previous text so if I send another one, would it seem like I’m the overly happy girl sending smiley faces at everything?? Or should I say more than just “Me too.” Like maybe a “So did I. Thanks again for the drinks. Can’t wait to see you again.” ?!?!

Every text or decision you make when dating a guy has to be perfectly calculated. One slip up and he will be freaked out or lose interest at a drop of the hat. You don’t want the guy to think you are too into him because everyone likes the chase. And if he knows you’re into him, it’ll cause him to lose interest and therefore…he won’t be into you as much as you are into him. It. Is. Exhausting.

I decided to go with “Me too!”

What I’ve Learned From Online Dating

1) The guys ALWAYS look better in person than their profile pictures.

2) They take forever to text back. And it’s SO annoying. But they all do it. Grrr

3) 90% of guys who do online dating are 5’10 or shorter. And most of the cute ones are 5’9 or shorter.

In case my readers were wondering….  I have taken a break from dating for awhile. It’s not that I’m not open to it but I’m not actively searching. I took a pause from online dating and any guys from my past that were trying to hang out I just started ignoring and cut them all out.

I wanted a fresh start and I wanted to focus on myself for awhile.

Sorry for not posting more fun personal stories regarding my dating life but it’s because it’s sort of non-existent right now.

Dating is so funny. Like tonight, I’m about to go on a date with a guy I’ve never met and we are going to sit there… talking about our lives… and be completely interested in one another in the moment.

It’s such a funny concept when you think of it. When I’m on a first date the main things that run through my head are: “Is he cute?” “Is his personality normal?” “Is he making me laugh?” “Does he seem interested in me?” If the answer is yes to all those questions then it will be an A+ date!!! And that’s all I can hope for…every time.

If the date is a fail then you just have to walk away from it happy you put yourself out there and hopeful for the next one.

That Awkward Moment….

a cute guy facebook friend requests you and right after you click “accept” you have to hurry and block him from your cat photo album. hahahah FML

I had THE best first date today. Like one of those first dates that make you smile when you think about it later. 🙂

That awkward moment….

your chatting with your bestie about the guy she’s been on two super awesome dates with. And a light bulb goes off in your head and you think “Wait! I also met a guy online named James that I went on a date with a few months back.”

And you compare phone numbers and yup…turns out she’s going on dates with the SAME guy you went on a date with!! I mean…it’s not like Los Angeles is that small. How can that even happen? Funniest situation ever! Luckily it wasnt at the same time or anything and we’re both totally fine with it. 

Okay so….

it’s official. The boy I’ve been dating for about 3 months is moving to New York on October 30th. Just 12 days away and just like that- gone. I knew this day was coming since our like, second date, but when he told me today he purchased his one way ticket to NY and it was really happening… it was hard to swallow. 

I have THE WORST luck when it comes to dating. They either live in a completely different city (99% of the guys I date) or they move across the country shortly after I meet them. Why god why??

That awkward moment….

the boy you’re dating tells you he’s having his ex girlfriend drop him off at the movies to meet you because his car is in the shop…

The 9 Steps of Having A Crush- Told In Gifs

1.) The moment you realize you have a crush and have fallen head over heels in lust…

2.) Fantasizing about your crush

3.) The first time you get liquid courage and attempt to flirt with your crush

4.) When you’re so completely giddy over your crush you can’t stop daydreaming and smiling

5.) But then you slowly discover your crush isn’t into you at all…

6.) And you’re not surprised because this is the story of your life.

7.) And then before you know it, you find out your crush has moved on to some else and you meet with your friends to drown your sorrows


8.) And you’re back to having only your cat to love you.


9.) That final moment where you realize your feelings for your crush are officially gone and you wonder what you saw in them in the first place.


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